Reward on offer

OK people, I have done something a bit naff and pathetic and all of those things, and made a very bad youtube video (it was my first attempt at messing around in iMovie driving myself nuts).

The whole point of the video is actually because I wanted to see if anybody out there could solve a long-standing mystery and tell me the name of the composer of this piece of music, and the only way I could see to add it to youtube was to add visuals to it. I believe it is a Swedish composer, and it was recorded at L’Abri, in Switzerland, by two girls whom I met there, Linda on piano and Katherine on Violin.

If you know who the composer is, and what the name of the piece of music is (or either one will do) there shall be a prize (I don’t know what yet, but I shall come up with something, which might be crocheted).

It’s a beautiful melancholy piece of music.


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