Something you can do with Romans 1:18-32

It feels like it’s been an age. I recently had a week in Melbourne visiting family, which was nice. But rather than diarise my life I thought I’d share something that may be of benefit to some one or other reader.

While I was down there I went along to City on a Hill church, which meets in a cinema in Melbourne Central shopping centre. All the hipsters.

I went along with my sister and family, and they happened to be just into a series on Romans. I saw that the sermon for the day was Romans 1:18-32 and I thought ‘oh, this is going to be interesting’. And I felt a lot of sympathy for the preacher, because that passage is a tough gig in today’s world.

But afterwards I thought the sermon from Guy Mason was excellent. He didn’t avoid the truth and he said what needed to be said, and he framed it so well. The whole service was great – they way it was all put together and the quotes used and how the songs chosen were worked into what was said to create an experience of worship that was really moving (if I can write such things without some old friends thinking I’ve swum off into the charasmatic sunset).

So if you want to listen to what I think is a seriously good sermon on Romans 1:18-32, it’s here. It’s 50 mins long, but I think that’s allowable. (I personally don’t object to a long sermon, and consider that if I call myself a follower of Jesus and lover of God but whine when someone shares the Word for more than 20 minutes (about the time I can spend mindlessly phone scrolling) that’s saying something about me, not the preacher.)

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