Welcome to my new abode

So, it’s all been quiet on the western front of late, but I have actually been spending more time on my silly blog than in ages gone by. The reason is that hopefully you are now here, at the new url, with the shiny new site! I have gone very close to mental over this, and there are too many hours of my life that I will never get back, but I am now done.

[For those who care about technical details, it goes like this: you spend hours trying to work out how you might set things up, with little peculiarities like a static picture at the top, then you discover you could just use a different theme that would get you most of the way there, then you fiddle with just about every piece of CSS in the theme stylesheet just to change the colour of the heading and finally realise it’s buried in the weird tagging that bears no resemblance to ‘site.title’ or ‘heading 1’ (I don’t like to think about how many hours I gave that one on the long weekend), then you’re finally set and ready to migrate the site, which for some stupid reason you built on a localhost using this program called MAMP (that was a whole other process), so you read brain-melting instructions about using a thing called an FTP, which you install, to transfer tables and create databases etc, but it doesn’t actually work, and you just corrupt the core files of your live site in the process and can no longer get in. So you bin that idea, spend a while “chatting” to your hosting provider asking them to wipe out everything so you can start again in the live site, now that you know how to tweak the theme anyway, have to reinstall wordpress etc, only then the import of the old site from blogger doesn’t work, which worked fine in MAMP, and messing with the php.ini file doesn’t work either, so you spend a few more hours of a Saturday afternoon “chatting” to a technician and even he couldn’t do it and his manual upload didn’t work. But, I have actually now done it – thanks to google and a plugin I was so overjoyed with I paid a donation. I have a new site, with my old blogger posts in it! The formatting of old posts is not great, but so what for now … I’ve been on a very steep learning curve with websites (I actually created this one as practice for work) and now know more about things like cpanels and MySQL and CSS than my life preferences deem necessary, but I have enjoyed parts of it along the way and the learning of new skills.]

In recreating things I feel like my blog title could be taken as delusions of grandeur, which is not the perspective from which is was chosen, but I still like it all the same so it came. And I am going to have to make more effort with my camera, because this chosen arrangement has nice picture features and the posts flop without one. I am hoping this all fuels inspiration.

This is not a very grand opening post, but I have spent so many hours in front of my computer last night messing with the FTP and this afternoon already with the hosting provider support open in front of me (so I felt like I couldn’t go far away while they worked on my problems), that I need to attend to other things, but I am going to be back.


  • Ali, I love your new abode. Well done on dealing with all the technical stuff…I hardly understood a word of that second paragraph, with no reference to your writing style intended. It’s looking lovely. Looking forward to more.

    • Oh thank you Meredith! I am hoping this new abode prompts me to lift my game! And I was just showing off my new words :). I have turned into one of those people who gets on web-developer forums and asks questions and gets all excited when a geek somewhere sends me some code. It has a certain problem-solving joy about it. Hope you are doing well.

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