When I in awesome wonder …

I spent the day bushwalking in Bungonia National Park yesterday. The gorge was so ‘majestical’, as one of the guys on the walk would say, you couldn’t help but marvel at God.

‘When I look down, from lofty mountain grandeur …’

(I’m quoting from one of my favourite hymns, How Great Thou Art, if you are not familiar with it – I like that version for some fun, and because others are rather excruciatingly slow, though all the verses are not in it.)

Bungonia Gorge today. Just a little bit spectacular.

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  • New site looks good well done. Been good to catch up on your posts. Had similar experience the weekend of your hike except I went on a hike to a river in my area and I kept having that hymn “I went down to the river to pray” in my head.

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