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On heart failure


Ann Voskamp has done it for me again. I really like this post and might have sniffled my way through. Here’s a taste: She writes it on my chart: Tipped into failure. It’s right there in ink. ****** You’ve got to be kidding me — I haven’t just tipped into heart failure just right now.

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The ultima Thule

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I had book club at my house Friday night. The deal is that when you host you get to choose the book. I always feel a certain amount of angst over this because I feel like my book choices are eccentric, but I chose The Course of Love by Alain de Botton. The truth is

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Leaving the pen in God’s hands


My attention was snagged by this article from Eternity Magazine that came up in my Facebook feed a week or so ago. I have thought on and off about going online (though definitely not on Tinder) – to see if I couldn’t find a nice Christian man; one who might appreciate getting to know someone and having

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