The fight for joy, and other books

I’ve been a bit remiss here, because some things I take as givens, but in case you haven’t noticed through reading here, Jean has been blogging her way through When I Don’t Desire God – How to Fight For Joy by John Piper over at the EQUIP book club. She’s put in a magnificent effort and, as she says in this compilation post, many of the posts stand alone, without requiring that you have read the book. It’s challenging and encouraging stuff! I confess to having only read the separately-published chapter of this book When the Darkness Will Not Lift (by John Piper), but I am going to work through the book, and revisit Jean’s posts soon.

One of the great things you can do over at the EQUIP book club is go through the list of books on the left of the site, click the book cover, and bring up all the posts for that particular book, so if you missed it at the time all is not lost. And if you wanted to start your own live book club on one of the books you can use the relevant notes for prompts. Coming up Rachael is going to take us through Beyond Greed, by Brian Rosner, just in time for Christmas! And there is my little advertisement of sorts, though the benefit is all yours :).

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