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Ben has already posted on Miranda Devine’s article on marriage in The Sydney Morning Herald today, with it’s curious closing quote.

Some of the comments in the wake of Iceland’s volcano have also been interesting of late. Here are two:

Every so often the earth chooses to remind us that we really aren’t in control of this planet.

The volcanic eruption in Iceland, which began on Wednesday, is just such a reminder.

As ash spews out across northern Europe, grounding all flights across Scandinavia and Britain, we begin to realise how powerless we humans are.

From this article.

And while we all like to think of ourselves as vital, the truth is life will go on at home – or on holidays – without us. All those people on TV, frantically rushing from departure gate to train station to hire car vendor, remind me of a quote from a novel I once read (Margaret Atwood, perhaps?): “People will do anything rather than admit their lives have no meaning.” It turns out they’re even willing to sleep in airports.

Ultimately what this all comes down to is control or, more specifically, human beings’ craving for it. We conquered Mother Nature years ago, and don’t really like the concept of her inconveniencing us. Even now, economists are rushing to put a figure on the losses caused by the disruption, as if quantifying it somehow helps reassert our authority.

From this article.

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