Books v Clothes

So I said clothes were not my thing, in the way that books are my thing. Lastnight is an example of what this looks like. I’d walked to the halfway point where I normally get on a bus on the way home, and there was no bus coming and the local Vinnies was having a 50% off sale, so I ducked in. I found this really great pair of black Tommy Hillfinger pants, made out of a nice fabric with a bit of a sheen on it and looking like they’d hardly been worn. Perfect, because I was after some more pants for work. They were $10, which meant they came down to $5 (just incase you’re hard up in the maths department). Absolute bargain! The only problem was that they are too big – but hey, they have belt tabs on them, so I figured that would do for keeping them on. The lady at the counter actually looked at the pants size, looked at me, and said “did you try these on?”. And yes I did, and I think I’ll get away with it. (They are only one size too big, and I reckon TH is a little on the small side in the sizing area, because I have one of their jumpers, which is meant to be fitted but still it’s an “L”, and I don’t normally do “L” clothes either.)

Then I got home and I had an email from the Book Depository telling me that a book I tagged “notify me” if it comes in stock was still not in stock. They will email you every 60 days if you tick this option. Bother. It didn’t look like it was ever going to be either. But they included a link to Abe Books, and oh, oh, they actually had an old copy! – it was just expensive. So I ummed and arrghed and interrupted my life to search all over the internet in the ‘out-of-print’ books places to see if it was anywhere else. Not so, so I eventually bought it. Just as well my pants were only $5, because it all evens out – yes?

(This is the book. CS Lewis’s essay collection on faith and christianity is all over the place, but not the collection on literature and philosophy. Odd. If you were around last year and since you’d know that Lewis is my current area of interest. Every now and then I feel like I should clarify that I don’t sign off on everything he says (I think I read critically and I’ve linked it before but John Piper discusses some of this here) but that doesn’t mean I don’t read anything he says. I think he had a way of reaching people, and a people he reached in that way, that was quite unique. He was a Professor of English, not Theology, who used his position (and the intelligence it took to get it) well to argue the case for God (and incidentally I think John Lennox, current Professor of Maths at Oxford, is doing the same thing).

Oh, and at least I didn’t buy the cool Marcs jeans I tried on as well, because they were actually too short. I will do roomy work pants, but not jeans that make me look like Steve Urkel.)

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