Meat markets

I’ve got nothing today. But here’s one for housekeeping. This week I went to a meat warehouse, which is really very convenient to my daily travels, for the first time ever. I don’t know why I’ve never been in there before – probably because I usually only cook for myself (so I don’t bother hunting all over town for bargains), have the use of one shelf out of two in the freezer at the top of our fridge so I can’t really stock up on food, and I’d occasionally walk past and think ‘I don’t want four kilos of lean mince for $24’. But the other day I was pleasantly surprised that not everything came in packs for ten people.

Then the next night my flatmate had the TV on and there was something on (think it was A Current Affair) about the mark-up on meat in the major supermarkets eg, a farmer gets $800 for a cow, and to buy all the cuts from one cow cost about $3100 in Woolworths and $3400 in Coles. These supermarkets came back with an explanation of how a steak that costs them $1.50 ends up costing customers $10, and it’s primarily due to overheads. The program went on to say that consumers should shop at meat warehouses/wholesalers, not only because it’s cheaper for you, but also because the farmers (who claim they haven’t seen a price rise for beef since the 1950s from the supermarkets) get a higher price from them, in the absence of forward enterprise agreements and so on. (This is all providing you can believe every you hear on TV.) As I watched I felt quite pleased with myself, because I’d been to warehouse for the first time in my life the day before. Hah!

Last year I was told to eat more red meat, in the face of low iron levels, so I think I am going to pop in more often.

That’s all.

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