The weekend

Day off today. Brilliant. Otherwise I might have spontaneously combusted. Well, not quite, but I got home from Katoomba Easter Convention yesterday afternoon, after heading up there after work Thursday, then went to see The Swell Season at the Opera House last night, which didn’t finish till 11:15 pm, so today I am just sorting myself out.

KEC was great (I felt like I wasn’t quite ready in the frame of mind for the whole thing in some strange way though). The speakers were John Lennox, Mathematics Professor of Oxford University who debates the likes of Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchins, who spoke on the latter half of Genesis and did a bonus talk on his book Has Science Buried God?, so that was fascinating, and Stephen Um who was also very good, speaking on 1 Peter. He is a minister from the centre of Boston, who came recommended by Don Carson if that gives you some idea, and is very familiar with the work of Tim Keller also and has a similar way of critiquing culture, so I thought he was somewhere between the two. I also heard two great evening talks from Ray Galea on “Religion leads to violence” and “How can a loving God send people to hell?”, which were both very interesting (and we all stayed home like old fogies for his third talk on the Saturday night).

It was really nice to spend time with my friends and their two littlies who are 3 1/2 and just 2 (a third is on the way) and very energetic little sweeties. (Their Mum is a freak of energy who competes in half-ironmans and triathlons and so forth and the kids inherited it, so, just imagine.) I couldn’t fit in their car, between the two car-seats, so did my own thing some afternoons, and others we just hung around at the house while the youngest slept and then took them for a walk so they could run and run and run to burn up that energy (above is the view from the house we stayed in).

On the Sunday afternoon I went into Blackheath looking for the internet to see what was happening with concert tickets, and ended up in the pub, because that’s where you have to go for internet, but I had walked past a Gleebooks sale on the way, so I was soon back there fossicking through second-hand books. Bliss. Then I decided some rigorous exercise was in order after all the sitting and eating so I donned my gear and set off around Mt Victoria. At the end of the road were signs for the Little Zig Zag track off into the bush, so I thought why not. I was perhaps a bit fool-hardy racing off into the bush alone, but I think I am reasonably and realistically competent in the the great Australian outdoors. It was a little treacherous for jogging, being a steep descent covered in loose rock, like gravel the size of tennis balls and bigger, but I was secretly loving it, just running back and forth and down and down. When I got to the bottom a barely distinguishable path headed off through the valley and all of a sudden it was quite eerie, in a late-afternoon-alone-in-the-bush-at-the-bottom-of-an-escarpment-and-I-don’t-really-know-where kind of way, so I decided to just run back up to civilisation. And boy oh boy, I haven’t pushed myself like that in years. Some of the zigs, or maybe they were the zags, were so steep all I could hear was the sound of my own breathing, and I wasn’t conscious of much more than getting one leg in front of the other. It felt so great though. For the rest of the evening I had that occasional wheezing cough, like you’ve reached maximum lung capacity and dredged up whatever was at the bottom (I don’t think that’s very scientific, it just came to me). I’m now wishing there was somewhere to run like that more often around home. I need to go and find a hill this afternoon to loosen up.

Then there was the concert, but I shall save that for another post and go and continue with my sorting.


  • Glad you had a good weekend, and it was nice to see you up there. I really enjoyed the whole thing, and really loved all of the talks I heard. I've been listening to more talks around the internet by Stephen Um and john Lennox.

  • Thanks Ben, and nice to see you too! Yeah, the talks were great weren't they. Good on you for digging up some more. There are only limited activities I can do here at work and listen to a talk at the same time, which is a shame, but I had a look at the gospel coalition articles etc and am keen to read some more of John Lennox.

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