Why do we love CS Lewis

I’m a bit behind, well a long way behind really, on some of what’s in my google reader, and I only just found this article, Why do we love C.S. Lewis and hate Rob Bell?. Like Challies, I appreciate this fellow asking and answering the question. It’s no secret on this blog that I read CS Lewis (among others). I also consider myself to be Reformed and Evangelical (I mean, I read books like Spurgeon vs Hypercalvinism when I was about 13 years old) so have never been blind to the problems. But I concur with this chap on why I still read his books. (I also think there’s something to be said for the way different people prefer to think and observe and understand and learn, and CS Lewis hits for some people, including me, there. Good essayists, after the fashion of Lewis and Chesterton, are rare in the evangelical world.)

Incidentally, I actually own the Nooma DVD Luggage, and I like that one (except the ending is a bit unnecessarily dramatic), but I don’t like some of the others I have seen. I don’t read Rob Bell’s books, because life is short, and if I have to sift through too much dodginess, in ratio to any goodness, it’s not worth my time. (A book a week – if anybody can sustain that – for 40 years is only 1500 books! So I choose carefully.)

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