Flowers for Nancy

There is a lady at my work, who is part of team that sits near mine and who is always friendly and cheerful. A couple of weeks ago she walked by, stopped to exchange greetings and, realising we hadn’t seen her for a while, the lady who sits behind me says “we haven’t seen you around lately, have you been on holidays?”. She answered “no, my husband died”. Oh. 
She was only dropping in that day, and hasn’t actually come back to work yet, but I heard a rumour that she might be in this week, so I am going to leave these little crochet flowers in an envelope on her desk. I stamped a yellow umbrella on a card with a simple note. One doesn’t always know quite what to do, but it’s a thought really.

(When I started making crochet flowers I thought perhaps I had crossed a line into Nanna-ness, but they have since proved good for all sorts of flowery gestures. I have stuffed them into envelopes and turned them into brooches and decorated presents. What is not to like really, about a little flower in your life here and there.)


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