Another wisp of fog

It seems I’ve dropped the ball lately. On Saturday we had our next markets at church. I beavered away last week making crochet stars in yellow and grey (aka gold and silver, if you please). I thought I should add in the grey for those who have a David Jones style Christmas tree in pink and purple, or something else that doesn’t lend itself to retro yellow. (Let’s face it, those trees probably don’t lend themselves to crochet of any sort, but grey might have more of a chance.) Here’s a phone picture from the day.

Then yesterday I actually stayed home. I just felt “weird”. I got up and dragged myself around getting ready, then was sitting there eating my breakfast like it was slow motion take, and decided to stay home and go back to bed. The truth is, I am the office legend at the moment anyway. Several weeks ago, when it looked like we were not going to make the budget for the final quarter, I was actually named in a meeting in front of the CEO as someone who could make up some of the shortfall, by sending four extra publications to press. I pulled that off, then voluntarily sent two additional parts to press, so then was actually asked last week to stop working on my own products to assist on some others that were “at risk”, so I helped a team member who was drowning and sent two of their publications off to press. Consequently I figured I could go back to bed and the world would carry on. I actually had quite a nice time once I did get up, and mustered up the energy to clean up the disgrace that was the zone on top of and around my desk and actually put some things in the filing cabinet. Then I sat on the couch and picked up where I left off on Violet’s rug, practiced my guitar, read my bible more slowly than usual … I have a dream about working four days a week.

But the rest of the blogosphere has been interesting. Tim Chester has been brave and created a model of godly manhood and womanhood. Simone has also been brave and started a series on the problems with women’s ministry (see here, here, here and here so far, and Jean has also responded here and here).

And if you need a handmade idea for Christmas that is doable for everyone, how great is this idea of making your own vanilla extract, from vanilla beans and vodka (H/T Just B). I knew vanilla essence was high in alcohol (some of my previous colleagues and I have done experiments with essences, because you use them to trap wild animals, namely bettongs, that dig for truffles), but never thought about how you’d make your own. Personally, I reckon school teachers might appreciate this. I am a fan of rooibos and vanilla tea, and recently Cath gave me a cup of rooibos tea and added vanilla essence herself. Brilliant! (I hadn’t thought of that either.)


  • I love your blog Ali. Good on you for taking a day off – I bet you're much better off for it.

    And that dash of vanilla in the Rooibos – not my idea at all, so credit to a friend of mine for that, who I think got the idea from someone else. Brilliant indeed!

    I'd like to make some of that vanilla essence! You know if you put the proper vanilla essence through the self-serve check out it comes up that a staff member needs to check if you are over 18! You'd have to be desperate…

  • Nice to hear from you Cath. Are you back from holidays then?

    Ah well, I shall give you the credit in any case.

    When I first realised how alcoholic vanilla essence was it did cross my mind that it was a wonder they could sell it on supermarket shelves … and I believe there was talk of removing it at some point. But you would have to desperate! (though I suppose it's in the league of those who drink methylated spirits).

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