Brittany’s rug

I finished my niece’s rug on the weekend. She’s my oldest niece, and her rug came last, but that is simply how it worked out, without a whole lot of forethought (if I had known what I started in doing this …).

I am not overly happy with this rug. I’m not sold out on the colours, though she has these colours in her room. The reality for me is also that I use wools that I get on sale or on ebay to make these (you will have seen this sage green and the darker green in rugs before, the pink is off ebay, the pale yellow I actually got in Vinnies … most of it is Paton’s Bluebell though, which is a good quality yarn) rather than just going into a yarn store and choosing any colours that take my fancy. That would be nice – though also much more costly, as I only use pure wools – and I’d like to do more colour work in future (I love how Emma Lamb works with colour! – see posts like this one). But for now I also have a considerable yarn stash to deal with.

I also feel like this rug is randomness gone wrong. I like randomness, but I think some underlying pattern and coherence might have turned out nicer, rather than just making it up as I went along and trying this then trying that. It loses something through the middle zone as I see it. Next time I will do more of a plan on paper.

Lastly, I think these rugs look better with more than one row of a colour, which I did in places here, as that is too fine and lost from a distance. Wider stripes of colour work better.

I do like this granny stripes idea, but for some reason I was happier with Lucy’s rug.Lucy apparently drags hers around everywhere in winter and watches TV under it, so it’s nice to know it’s useful.

Then, because I am a little bit ridiculous, and because this rug will arrive in time for Easter, I made some little amigarumi chickens. The pattern is here. The pale yellow wool (I bought a whole packet of that, still sealed with a David Jones sticker on it, for $3 in Vinnies!) is perfect chicken colour.

They have been exploring my house.


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