Bunting for Annie

I thought I could at least fill up some space with pictures. So here is something else that I made for my niece’s sixth birthday.

The story behind this is that once upon a time I bought the Frankie Magazine Spaces book (no longer available) because it had a crochet bedspread on the front cover (yes, creative, funky people do have crocheted bedspreads!). Flicking through it I spied this name bunting and made a mental note of it as something to make one day. Then not so long ago I bought the Granny Chic book, because it is full of crochet and grannyish goodness, and in it was a pattern for a bunting that looked really quite similar to the one from Spaces. I thought to myself ‘hmm, it looks like these people have copied this from that Frankie book’, because it even spelled Olive too. So then I went back to Frankie Spaces book and discovered that the bunting there was in a feature article on Tif Russell, who co-wrote Granny Chic, and who is otherwise known, and blogs, as Dottie Angel. And Olive is one and the same dog. So, nobody is doing any copying here except yours truly.

So, here is the bunting from the Frankie Spaces book, which looks a lot more retro and interestingly photographed than mine.

And here is how I worked it up for Annie.

I don’t think I have done chain stitch embroidery before, ever, so that was a new thing.

Instead of stitching doilies on the end I made some flower/coaster/doily kind of things and added those..


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