A few of my favourite things

As promised, some pictures of my old volumes of George MacDonald’s poetry.

I’d love to get my hands on his “Works of Fancy and Imagination” in ten volumes, mentioned here.

Lunch in the Elephant Boy cafe in Bowral, decorated with old books. I tried to take these photos surreptitiously, so my object of focus is a bit weird, but what was curious is that the company I work for still publishes some of the legal journals they are using as decor on the shelves.

I made a little cardy for my nephew on the way. I actually started this years ago and abandoned it, because the 3 mm hook I was using had a sharp point that kept splitting the wool, but I dug it out and persevered.

It’s hard to believe a person could ever be this small. This is supposed to fit at 3 months, but I think it is even smaller than that.

And old boat by the pond out the back of the motel we stayed at in Bowral.

Knitted toys and clothes at a hilarious little shop we found in Bowral run by elderly volunteers. (I’d have taken more photos of the piles of booties in the counter, but I was trying to be surreptitious again.)

The old church in Berrima.

The church in Bowral. We assumed this was deliberate.


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