Some blinks

A Single Hope – Written by a single minister in South Africa. It’s long, very long, and I found it a wee bit hard to read in places because I wanted to add a little more punctuation, but it is worth a read. (Except for perhaps the end, where there’s a story of a retired single minister eating fish cakes for Christmas lunch alone and the line that “while families feasted perhaps Jonathan’s meal helped him better remember the feast is yet to come”. Maybe that was true for Jonathan, and maybe he chose to do it that way, but seriously, that’s a bit sad. And I’m not convinced that paints a very attractive picture of singleness as a Christian for a watching world.)

“ … but simply by doing what you already know to be his will …” This was a good reminder from Georgianne, particularly as I try to make decisions.

11 Untranslatable Words from Other Cultures. I like them

And I don’t talk much about politics here. But if you want to read some good posts in the wake of the current Prime Minister’s comments on Q & A and his handling of the bible, Nathan has written on it here and here.


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