The crochet ball unveiling

I haven’t shown you all the ball I made for the expectant nephew, so here it is. I even put two little bells in it so he can annoy the rest of his family jingle about the house with it.

Here it is pictured with a teddy that my sister, who is having this baby (God willing), made once upon a time when she had a bear-making phase. (My sister had many and varied craft phases once, and every relative near and far received the Christmas presents to show for them.) I’ve told this story with the last crochet ball, but this bear got rejected because apparently his head was too small, so I rescued him. I’m like that.


  • Well done for saving the bear. And it's a great ball. Yay for you. I know you have told us, but when is this precious baby due? Feeling it might be time to hone the prayers slightly to something more specific.

  • Oh thank you Meredith! It's due in early November, but depending on my sister's blood pressure and all it could be earlier than that. So, the date is a little vague right now. She had another scan last week actually, and they will need to watch the baby in special care for 4 days after it's born (to see what is the situation with the heart), but so far that is all, so that is relatively good news!

  • Hello…i love your ball….and the pic of your 'library' i so agree about an unread library too!
    Then you can be surprised one day by finding a lovely new read!!
    bestest weekend wishes to you and yours
    daisy j

  • Thank you Daisy! I admire all of your fabulous creations from afar.

    Oh, and I hadn't thought of the surprise factor in unread books – 'tis true! I found some recently in the bottom of a wooden box under the bed (I'm sending those ones to a thrift shop though).

    Hope you are full swing into a lovely weekend up there also.


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