The end of Shakespeare

Well folks, today was actually the last day for my
Shakespeare book. I started it on the 25th September last year,
and it’s hard to imagine a whole year has gone by already. I don’t believe I
have missed a day, though some postings may have been a little late, since I
started, which feels like a minor achievement.

So, I hope you have enjoyed the snippets and maybe learnt a
thing or two. I know some will be relieved to see it end, and others might be

It’s beyond my capacities to go looking for Shakespeare
quotes to post every day, and I am not going to commit to posting something
every day again anytime soon, but I don’t think that will be the last
appearance for Shakespeare here.

I won’t make any promises about any other thing, but I might
take up another blogging project – maybe, sometime. 🙂


  • Well done you. I for one have loved it. And yes, the year long commitment is quite something. I took on a month-long endeavour once and it nearly did me in! I occasionally wonder at those 365 days in photos ideas but then I remember the patches in the year when I can barely get food on the table and think maybe not. So good work you.

  • Ah thanks Meredith! (And I wasn't even trying to be dramatic …) It wasn't so bad and I scheduled a lot of them, but then there were other days when over breakfast while trying to get to work I was posting Shakespeare. So, I am back to spontaneity and flexibility for a while :).

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