The Stanley Hauerwas lectures

I wrote last week about how I attended the Stanley Hauerwas lectures at New College. I went along to all three evenings. However, I soon gave up the hope that I could form any sort of summary of them here, after putting my pen down when I realised I couldn’t finish writing my one choice sentence without missing the next three. So, I was pleased to know the recordings would be available. They are now up, with some summary by Trevor Cairney, over here. I am definitely going to listen again, and maybe even try to finish my sentences.

I haven’t listened to see whether the question times were also recorded, as Hauerwas’s responses to the questions were full of gold also. He would say things like “you only know sin on your way out of it, because sin is an evangelical achievement” and drop lines like “Christians are obligated to love each other, even if they are married” and discuss why abortion is a massive vote of no confidence in ourselves …

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