The inciting incident plays itself out

I’m currently still dealing with that inciting incident thing. I could hit the pause button a while when my flatmate decided she wasn’t going to look in earnest for a place till she returned from an overseas holiday, which she is currently on. I’ve since tried a few things, pondered some other things, and had moments of panic about what I was going to do. I still don’t have a definite plan. I do have an unconfirmed idea. Only one doesn’t post unconfirmed ideas on the internet.

But I have started packing in any case. Well, last night I packed one box, but I now realise that I really should get cracking on that. I have been attempting to get rid of some things though. I even took two old cameras from the top of the wardrobe to a shop and got some money for them (they weren’t really vintage, they were just film SLRs: one didn’t work anymore, and the other one I bought at friend’s garage sale when the first one didn’t work, and I like film photography but it’s too expensive nowadays and you can’t keep everything), and decided to get rid of books I found under the bed that I received as awards in school (I was a nerd, and clearly I am sentimental). I’ve filled up my car boot with stuff I am going to give to the op shop my Aunt volunteers in (they support missionaries), but the aim is to keep evaluating and purging as I pack. I realised that I have lived where I live for nearly six years. Boy. That is why stuff has gathered around me.

So, forgive me for any distraction while I sort and relocate my life.


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