Friday fun

Here is another of these lists of things introverts love. I suspect it’s mainly introverts that read this blog in any case (not enough dopamine inducements here for the extraverts), so let us indulge and enjoy.

I laughed, especially when I came to No 5 and No 19 (yes!), but most especially when I got to No 10 (though not in reference to bed time).


  • I loved that! Thanks for sharing. Although I'm definitely an introvert, I found some of them not really appealing (i.e. icebreaker games are good as look as they're not too cheesy). I definitely said a hearty YES to many of them though. 🙂

  • Hi Sarah – glad you liked it. And yes, I don't mind ice-breakers, and I don't have any great problem with making "small talk" either! (And while I never did particularly like group work at uni, it wasn't for the reason depicted in that gif picture – or whatever I am supposed to call them.) But some are them are very amusingly true …

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