Friday – The Runners

I don’t mention running on this blog very often, probably because for a long time now it’s just been part of my life, like cleaning my teeth. But I do like to run. Maybe it’s a mix of like and need.

Having recently moved I’ve had to find a new route in a new city. I don’t take electronic things with me running, so it has to be straightforward enough in the beginning that I can remember where I am going, till I find my way around (and I don’t want to have to think too much about where I am going), and I’ve been temporarily lost a couple of times here in Canberra through not taking enough notice of a map before I set out. That and streets here are so long, so deceptively long. Just going to the end of my street, around the bend and down to the end of that street is 2.5 km already. But I have now found a route that I think is roughly about 8 km and takes a little under 45 mins. That’s about the distance I like for regular running. And I can cut a bit off it if it’s just not a good morning, because there are still some days when I get out of bed and I just don’t have it.

(It’s been a long time since I bothered measuring or timing these things, but I used to be able to run 5 min kilometres relatively easy. Who really knows now. Back in school I could do the 1500 m in under 5 mins, which was good for a teenage girl back then, but I don’t compete in anything much these days. It’s just maintenance. The truth is, I think I am (or rather was perhaps) naturally more of a sprinter. I have the quads and calves for speed rather than distance and my legs are too heavy to drag around for the very long distances (that is my excuse for having never tried a marathon anyway).)

But running is good for me, physically and mentally. And I like it to be outdoors, even in inclement weather. It’s when I process things – though sometimes I need to “change the tape” and stop thinking about the same thing over and over like I’m putting one foot in front of the other – and get some air and vitamin D and all that.

So, when I saw a link to short film on twitter (via Ben Myers, via here) about runners, I watched it. The idea was that people might open up more to strangers while running. The result is fascinating.

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