The old steriliser unveiling

I told myself to take this blog back to the good ole days, when I actually wrote a post about something, and that maybe if I didn’t scratch the itch with little posts, I might write something bigger and better. Thus there has been nothing. But for today, here is the finished product of that old steriliser I found on the footpath, that I have mentioned once or twice (here is the original find).

Boy am I glad to be finished with epoxy enamel paint. Because there was an underside to the lid and the flap inside and the thermometer casing, I had to paint it in stages, but it takes a very long time to dry thoroughly (like ages!), so then I’d notice that the part that it was resting on while I painted and dried another part was spoiled, or had newspaper stuck to it, so I’d fix that part up and paint that part again, and on it went. Then because I had to hold the flap and the lid an the the thermometer casing, paint would get on my hand, then it was on the light switch and the tap handles and my toenail and the floor, and my unit smelt like turps for weeks from trying to get the wretched stuff off all the things …

But here it is. For some reason the colour was truer to life in this filtered instagram picture that on my DSLR, so here is the instagram picture. It is a bit more candy green than I was aiming for (the colour is called “Dublin Jack” and is deeper and greyer and a little more Irish on the colour card than this), but this colour does have a retro kitchen vibe. I can recall old white canisters with gold lettering and lids in this colour.


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