That gentle and quiet spirit thing

It seems like mention of that verse in 1 Peter 3 on having a gentle and quiet spirit often makes women bristle, for varying reasons. As someone who finds it hard to project my voice, even when I am trying, I have never had a personality issue with the “quiet” idea, if volume had anything to do with it, but I have never been under any delusion that a quiet spirit actually did contain any reference to volume either.

Many and varied people have had a go at a definition of what this idea of a gentle and quiet spirit actually does mean, with many and varied outcomes. So when I came upon this blog review of True Beauty by Carolyn Mahaney and Nicole Whitacre, I was interested to read their interpretation, which was timely:

A gentle and quiet spirit is not a personality trait. It is the quality of a woman who meets adversity—slander, sickness, rejection, and loss—with a calm confidence in God.

(It actually sounds like an interesting book, that doesn’t simply dismiss all beauty as meaningless, which I might add to an ever-growing list.)

I appreciate what they say. True beauty isn’t found in moaning about one’s lot on social media, in panicking over scenarios and throwing other people under a bus to protect yourself, in taking charge of situations because you think only you can work them out well, in building up a catalogue of resentments against others … but in a basic and humble trust in God.

Enjoy your Saturday. (I have so far wasted hours of my life on the phone to Apple Support and iinet Support, and am currently reinstalling my operating system, but I shall remain calm!)

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