A long weekend ramble

I have been doing freelance work today and some of yesterday, but I now need someone in the office to do something before I can proceed, so I just took myself off to a café to doodle and get out of the house (it’s wet and cold here today), and ended up writing this instead. It is a drag sometimes having to do freelance work in what would otherwise be free time, but I am thankful for the option that I have to do it and get paid for it from the comfort of my own home. And it’s not as though I have a whole lot of other things to do in any case. Well, actually, that is only partly true, in that I have plenty of other things I would rather be doing even at home, like reading books and doing crochet and perhaps writing. But I don’t have a raging social life or lots of other activities to be doing, at present.

It’s funny when you move to a new place; if you know anyone there at all in advance, there can be people you thought you might be friends with, who basically aren’t at all friendly or with whom things don’t work out, and then there are other people you didn’t think would so friendly with, who turn out to be the people who keep inviting you to things, and so for a while you just go with the inviters. And I believe that is OK. I’ve been on enough welcoming committees and so on to know that you don’t expect the new person to take the initiative, and you don’t make superficial judgments about who people are and what they might need based on appearances, and so I appreciate the people who have taken initiative towards me, and who see deeply enough to perceive that I may well be tall and look confident etc, but that doesn’t convey something worthy of different treatment, and I could use a little kindness and friendliness and encouragement as much as the next person.

I have been going along to the morning service of a church here, where dear friends are the assistant minister and family, and that is all good, and it has been excellent to be involved with some families. However, there aren’t many single people, and I think now that I am more settled here I need to find some additional ways to meet some. The thing I find as a single person is that I don’t mind going home by myself every evening after work, because I have been at work all day and had some interaction with people, and I don’t mind so much whether or not there are things on after church, because I have had a little chatting with people over a cup of tea, but it’s Saturdays that can descend to depressing, when the whole day can go past and I haven’t so much as spoken to anyone. So I need some Saturday people. And in my experience families are often busy doing their family things on Saturdays, which is fair enough because families have their own relationship priorities, but that is another reason why single people need other single people, because they are often more available and looking for company at the same times.

It has been wonderful to have my Aunt and Uncle here also. My Uncle is the closest thing to a father, and to a man who demonstrates to me, personally, something of what the love of Christ might be like, that I’ve had, and my Aunt is lovely and would do anything for you and likes to be creative. And it’s comforting to know that should something go wrong for me here in Canberra I have some folks whom I know will be there.

So, life is going along well, barring one personal stress (about which there is nothing more I can do, and I just have to let it go and leave it to God), and I do like Canberra. Anything I did in Sydney I can do here, with greater ease. And I am endeavouring to dwell on the good things that are, and be thankful, and not on the things that are not.

Here’s another little quote from One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp to that effect:

Though my marriage tree may not bud and though my crop of children may fail and my work produce little yield, though there is no money in the bank and no dream left in the heart, though others may choose different ways to live their one life, till my last heaving breath, I will fight to the death for this: “I will take joy” (Habbukkuk 3:18, ESV).”


I am enjoying work a lot thus far. While it might not be the most challenging and stimulating thing I am capable of there is plenty of variety. So far I have been out into the country to assist in a weekend workshop, and off to external Executive and Council meetings to take minutes (taking meeting minutes is a whole new world, but I am getting the hang of it, and meanwhile I listen in on all sorts of fascinating behind-the-scenes goings on), and organised a conference and just generally been involved in worthwhile things. Then the most absurd thing happened on Friday morning. I was told that dramas and calamities in this “business” always happen on Fridays before long weekends, or Christmas Eve … And so on Friday, before a long weekend, one came my way. It’s a bummer to be involved in a good drama and not be able to talk about it, but unfortunately I need to keep this one under wraps. It was a drama of a high order though, I tell you, for my introduction to such things, which a person can’t help finding just a little bit exciting.

And now I should post a poem or something shouldn’t I? If I find one I will be back.

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