The nephew models the latest crochet project

Hello neglected friends. I’m rather swamped with what the tides of life are washing my way at the moment, to the point that I even forgot to properly photograph my last crochet project, but I can at least show you that from the one lousy phone picture I took to send my Mum, because she was knitting something similar and wanted to see mine. So, here is a little cardy I finished some time ago for that precious little nephew who survived all the dramas earlier in the year (photo showing the fuzzy green blanket from my childhood which has taken a permanent place on my couch lately).

After finishing this I wondered why I hadn’t spaced more buttons out all down the front of this cardy (instead of just mindlessly following the pattern and putting three high up), which would give it less of on old-fashioned baby look. Next time!

And here is another bad phone photo of him modelling it, sent my way by my sister. I know I am biased, and this little fellow is precious simply for still being here, but he is quite super cute don’t you think? My cardy is too big as he is on the small side, from all those months when he was so sick, but it keeps his hands warm apparently!


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