My puzzlement with the world

This might be the most un-PC blog post I ever write, and I don’t even want to blog about such things, because there are plenty of other dedicated and angry blogs a person can read. But, someone needs to explain to me sometime soon how an evolutionary worldview supports the current obsession with, even worship of, homosexuality and abortion as public issues.

Maybe I am missing something, but I thought I studied enough science at university to see a gaping lack of cohesion in all this somewhere. I can’t help feeling sometimes like I’m living in the middle of a weird cultural blind spot, and wondering whether, if the world still exists in 500 years, the folks of the future will look back and shake their heads at the vast space between what we claimed was the explanation of the universe and what we believed was driving human action (maximising your own genetic output and all that) and how people actually wanted to live and what they spent their time campaigning and protesting about.

I could hazard a guess at some of the arguments, but they’d have to be rather convoluted, because there is no very straight line between the two.

That is all.

(And this post may not last long if abusive comments start coming my way. I was called a “f*%$ing reject” on Facebook yesterday, for commenting about abortion (why I did this I don’t know, I must have been feeling reckless), but I didn’t take any notice of that comment because it wasn’t punctuated properly. Hah! That and it was plain nonsense.)


  • Hi Margaret! Oh, thank you. Miss you too! Yes, I forget that an even wider circle of people can see what you get up to on Facebook. I wasn't seriously bothered by that FB comment (though can't help being surprised at the venom ppl are prepared to unleash on complete strangers on social media – it's appalling). I hope we can get together here or there soon too. I shall have to think about how that might come about … (oh, and thank you for your FB link as well – I did see that and meant to get back to it, then didn't … The family actually left a shocking head cold behind down here, which put me in my own kind of fog, but I think I have seen the end of it).

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