With beauty and goodness

I heard a little anecdote just today that Leon Morris, who I believe is Australia’s most published theological author, and a very highly regarded one, regularly bought roses to plant on the grounds at Ridley Melbourne, and was known to say “truth is alive with beauty and goodness”.

I like that.

(I heard it as an oral quote so can’t verify it.)

At times I think I am becoming such a Nanna (so that little anecdote was rather reassuring!), but I have been excited of late to see this happening on my St Saviour’s rose bushes (I admit, when I was given these sticks in plastic bags I had my doubts, but something must be going right so far).


  • You are not a Nanna. Buds are quite objectively very exciting!

    I love that quote too. And I can't wait to see your St Saviour's Rose bloom.

    Hope you are on the mend! xx

  • Thanks Cath! Yes, I am very curious about the actual colour these roses are going to turn out …

    And I feeling better today thanks – other than going outside at 2.30 am in my pyjamas trying to tell which unit the music was coming from (I don't think whoever it was had it up outrageously loud, but the bass was killing me …).

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