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Only the rare few who don’t use blog readers will even notice, but I updated my blog photo. I mean, I haven’t changed much over the years of course, but it’s been a while.

The reality is that I don’t have so many photos of myself for the last decade or so. I don’t take selfies, which are jolly hard to do on my android phone, so I tend to just have shots from when I have holidays with family, which I have no control over (so I at least turned-on tag review on Facebook), and that’s about it. Anyway, one of the marketing fellows at work took a photo of me for a website, and after telling him it looked OK on the camera screen, when he emailed it to me, I thought ‘no, I don’t like it’. So, I tried to take a better one myself yesterday using the timer on my camera.

What I got was a series of dumb looking shots of myself staring at the person-less camera. I was putting this cushion on a chair in my courtyard to try to get the focus plane, then whisking the cushion out of the way to get in the chair with the timer beeping, but I had to slouch as the cushion wasn’t high enough so I couldn’t tip the camera up too far, so in a lot of them look a bit slouchy. It was all a bit stupid really. Then there’s this one where I am not so slouchy but I cut my head off. It wasn’t till I was getting into bed last night that I had the sudden random thought that I could have used manual focus. Doh!

I really should take more photos. I have this lovely portrait lens and could use it more and experiment. Maybe this will be the start of something …

 This was the blurry runner-up (I think – in the end you think they’re all equally stupid).

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  • nice pic. if it were the 80's Id make you a mixed tape!Great to see more of the person behind this intelligent, heart felt and interesting blog. Haven't been to it for a while so it was nice to catch up on your writings.

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