Christmas decorating

Well, once again, despite good intentions, Christmas has rushed up at me for another year, in a flurry of unexpected last-minute freelance editing, extra events, shopping … and I am heading North tomorrow.

But I managed to put together a rather scrappy Christmas assembly, thanks to my discovery of the Pottery Barn outlet (I love Pottery Barn, and the stores are only Sydney and Melbourne, but for some reason Canberra has an outlet – winning!) selling these nice pine branches and berries for next to nothing.

I think my assembly looked better and less happy before it fell over twice, but here it is.

I bought a couple of new decorations, which mean nothing at all, they just went with my knitted/crocheted granny chic style – cute little Swedish people.

But THEN I went out to my Aunt and Uncle’s and my Aunt gave me this amazing gift. I’ve displayed her craftiness here before, but there is oh so much more.

For starters, she made the box from wrapping paper.

Then I opened it and inside were these wondrous creations.
Crocheted pine cones! Perfect for my pine branch extravaganza.

Then, not one, but three, crochet bells. Love them.

A little red robin, than even has legs!

And then because she knows about my thing for red birds and cardinals in particular, a cardinal.

Very special. My pine branches are now just about filled up with the kind of decorations I like best.


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