It’s been a while, and who ever knows what a year of blogging might look like, but here are some miscellaneous bits and pieces at present.

I bought my first ever iPhone on the weekend, and have since lost hours of my life fiddling with it. I have resisted the iPhone for years, saying boo to expensive technology, but because I have a Mac computer I could never get the HTC Sync Manager to talk to it from my old phone, and so had to bluetooth my photos off it etc, and finally I got sick of it all and decided to splurge and upgrade my phone plan. My iPod has also died, so the iPhone is supposed to replace both. I’ve even set up an iCloud account and feel proudly caught up with the universe. (I also tried to take a selfie, but we won’t discuss that.) Then I went all out and bought a cover that looks like an old book. I have this nagging suspicion that buying Apple products and then wrapping them in vintage disguise makes me a hipster. Oh well.

I haven’t mentioned that over Christmas I read the book Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. I got it for Christmas, my brother-in-law swiped it on Christmas day and read it for a few days, then I took it up and read it in a couple of days. Fascinating. It’s about the way the brain makes subconscious and intuitive decisions, and that apparently the more complex the problem, the better the brain performs when it is making these kind of decisions. I actually first became aware of Malcolm Gladwell through Christian online links, as he seems to keep appearing at events with Eric Metaxas, who wrote Bonhoeffer. He’s good to read if you enjoy social research. I was also given The Tipping Point, but haven’t read that yet. I’m currently reading The Light Between Oceans, by ML Stedman, another Christmas present. And it’s another one of those books like Coal Creek by Alex Miller where I have slowed down reading in the dread of approaching sorrow. But so far I quite like it.

Bike riding is all very grand — saving the environment, getting some exercise, enjoying the outdoors and fresh air la la — until such a time as you have to stop and fix your bike. Before Christmas I blew out my back tyre on a piece of glass, so then I watched youtube videos on how to fix it, because it has the gears in the hub of the back wheel so I had to work out how to get that off, and twice since then the back wheel has skewed off sideways and been rubbing on the shaft thing, and the other day the chain came off, till I was getting rather fed up with it all. But today an Archdeacon at work, who used to work in a bike shop and still relishes any opportunity to get his hands dirty and tinker with bikes, fixed it properly for me. So, thank the Lord, hopefully now it’s all good.

I enjoy a little interior decorating. My last two home acquisitions have been these frames below. They were both going cheap in the tip shop (a shop in the city that sells things that people take to the dump) because the pictures were damaged. But I don’t want the pictures, and just decided there and then I liked the frames (the picture in one is upside-down because I accidentally put it back in upside down). I am still deciding what to put in them – an artwork or old photo or something else (or just bring back those puffy, shiny country scenes of yore!). I often think my taste is weird, and know there will be some who will look at these and wonder what on earth, but my nieces from Melbourne came to my little place recently and one of them said ‘this is like a cozy, funky jazz café’. That will do.

I’m currently working on what I call the ‘King St Newtown’ crochet blanket, because all the yarn for it came from Vinnies and the Granny Square on King St in Newtown. Only it is not particularly Newtown-esque, being entirely monochrome, and there is not a lot yet to see. I got a fabulous crochet book for Christmas also, and hopefully that is a project coming soon!

Work is good, though it’s been busy with various matters. I consider my job a gift, with the people there and the things I get to be involved in. The Diocesan Bishop is currently on long-service leave, so the Vicar-General that I work for is acting in his place, and I am taking some glee in calling him “my Lord” when I please, because apparently the Bishop of Goulburn was the last Bishop decreed a Lord Bishop by Queen Elizabeth (and that was extended when it became the Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn). He responds by holding out his episcopal ring for me to kiss, which of course I don’t, though that is apparently some kind of tradition.

For fans of Bonhoeffer, here is a marriage sermon he wrote in prison that my brother-in-law posted on Facebook. The beginning might jolt some, but read on.

And I should have been saving many other good links over the last weeks also, but didn’t.

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