A crafting outing

It’s been a while since there was a glimmer of crochet in the fog, so here is one. Yesterday I went along to the Canberra Bro*wn O*wls group (I’m only doing that because I don’t want this to be where people land if they are searching the group). If you want to know, there are Bro*wn O*wls groups in most cities in Australia, which are essentially a craft meet-up. I thought it could be a good way to meet some people, go somewhere, make some time to do some crochet … So I joined. A very pleasant afternoon was had sitting outside of a cafe chattering on to five other ladies and hearing about their lives.

(Sophisticated folks often seem to stereotype crafting ladies as collective simpletons with nothing else to do or talk about, which makes them the narrow-minded and prejudiced half if you were asking me, and I discovered these women work in intelligence and HR and all manner of things that any group of people would, if that were in any way important, and if there were anything wrong with talking about craft in any case. So that’s just a raspberry to the side for the sophisticated folks. And tomorrow I am off to Sydney to the Opera. A dear friend got two tickets for their birthday and invited me along, which is such a treat. I am looking forward it!)

But, where was I? – talking about crochet. Yes, at the moment I am working on what to all appearances is a very uninteresting rug. It is just plain dark grey single granny square, with a coloured border to come. Thus there is not much of it in the picture.


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