Making connections

Since moving back to the general vicinity of my ancestors I have made a few connections to people I have come across here and there.

One of the most interesting of those experiences so far occurred the other evening, when I was doing my best at schmoozing at an event for a bishop. Not long after arriving I found myself in conversation with one of the school chaplains, and somehow it came up in the polite chit chat that I am not from Canberra but that my family hails from around these parts, and I think I said something about where they’re from and so he said his former wife (now deceased) was from there too, and then he said her name and the surname was the same as my mother’s maiden name, and we discovered they were cousins. So, we had a nice time discussing all the implications and social outworkings of this, talking about the man who was my great uncle who flew spitfires in WWII and so forth.

Then he looked over at the CEO of Anglicare and said “that’s my son-in-law”, meaning that he’s married to one of their daughters (obviously!), so I realised that the wife of the CEO of Anglicare is my second cousin. That was all quite extraordinary and interesting and I believe that the conversation temporarily ended there. In mentioning this to someone else I was schmoozing with later they said “one of his daughters is a very good singer” and I had heard the CEO of Anglicare say his wife was a jazz singer once, so I figured I was across that. But I fell back in with the chaplain later in the evening and he did happen to mention this time that his other daughter is actually Sarah Blasko. So, that makes Sarah Blasko my second cousin. I had no idea. This was so fascinating.

But what the whole evening highlighted for me also is that I really don’t have a clue even about my parents’ cousins, let alone the children of those cousins, so there could be folks all about the place here that I am related to, who I don’t know as relations. It’s quite bizarre really. I’m going to dig up the family tree again.

Anyway, I have long liked Sarah Blasko, before I had a clue she was any kind of relative, so there has been a lot of music here lately, but here is another song (and I am going to pray for Sarah, as I read wikipedia …).

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