A story you haven’t chosen

As some of you would know, I am into the idea that our life is a story, within the larger story of God’s ways in the world. I heard something yesterday at our annual Bishop’s Convention that I am going to drop here in that catalogue of ideas, which was a quote from Stanley Hauerwas:

To be a Christian is to learn to live in a story you haven’t chosen.

In a similar vein we also sung a new song, which I went googling for and couldn’t find, but I now know it is a new song written by Jonny Robinson (the son of our Diocesan Bishop) and Rich Thompson, who are part of the City Alight folks. I totally love it, and have a demo to listen to, but it is not really released yet, so here is just one verse and keep you eyes and ears peeled for what I think is a fabulous song.

Christ is Mine Forevermore

Mine are tears in times of sorrow
Darkness not yet understood
Through the valley I must travel
Where I see no earthly good
But mine is peace that flows from heaven
Endless strength in times of need
I know my pain will not be wasted
Christ completes his work in me

Jonny Robinson and Rich Thompson

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