New toys

For something just a little brighter than the other day, I have some new toys that were birthday gifts of sorts.

I don’t think I have yet shared the fabulous news that my sister and brother-in-law and their three children are moving here next year. I am so excited about living in the same city as immediate family for the first time in many years and being able to spend time with the kids.

So, this is something I found on Etsy, which started from a quest for a fairy mailbox for my garden. I found this toy mailbox instead from Needle and Nail and thought it was great, with a flag to raise when there is something in it. I have this idea that when the kids come over to Aunty Ali’s house they can put things in it, and I can leave things in it for them. Just little notes, or rocks or stickers or whatever.

It reminds me of Jo and Laurie’s exchanges in Little Women, and I love such things. I am a written-communication kind of person – it’s just who I am and how I like to do things – but I accept that not everyone is (I believe there are people out there who like to use the phone, but I am definitely not one of those, and if there is any other way to do things I won’t call), and I expect one or two of the kids might be more into this than the others. Hopefully it’s just fun, and if it becomes in any way problematic or unfun I can just stop it.

I also got myself some Lego. These kids are also totally into Lego, and I actually gave this to my niece for her birthday, but I have always wanted it myself too. So here is my Lego, for imaginary holidays.

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