A Friday Funny

You perhaps have to be a certain type of person to even appreciate this comic, but I thought it was one of the most hilarious things I’ve seen on the internet in a long time.

I have probably posted enough pictures of flowers here to reveal which type I actually am. At times I despair of my own lack of ambition, but I heartily concur with Monet who apparently said “I must have flowers, always, and always”, and with that, I must have time for the flowers. Though I don’t necessarily need cultivated flowers. Wild and untamed landscapes will do nicely.

I am still reading Tim Keller’s devotions on the Psalms every morning on the bus, and recently it was Psalm 104, which tugs at my delight. Restoring and renewing the created world is something that moves me. (I know it doesn’t move other people. I have met those people.)

I also need time for just being at home and reading and pondering and listening to music and inspecting the garden.

But for the Type As: you go you flower smelling champions! (I love that!) All power and achievement to you.

(I reserve my Type A-ness for silent frustration with people who just stand on and block escalators. There are no flowers to smell in shopping malls, especially when I am on a half hour lunch break. Keep moving or keep left people!)


  • Being a type b I had a great laugh at the comic and your comments. Hope you enjoyed the weekend and got amongst the flowers. I actually planted flowers to try and attract more bees for my veggie garden as last season the cross pollination was dismal.

  • Nice post! I'm eating a tart with flowers on it right now. Heart all the flowers. Some things in this theme currently resonating my ponders are:
    – Brene Browne, on whole-hearted people are people who do a lot of Nothing. A lot of play and a lot of nothing in particular. That was nice validation for pottering and pondering.
    – Disciplines of a Godly Woman, on nurturing. I think my garden is something I nurture.
    – Sara Groves' little video on society putting high value on efficiency, but there are a lot of things, like making art, caring for the elderly, that take time and are 'inefficient' but of great value.

  • Thanks Jess. I like this a lot.
    – Re Brene Browne – I am becoming a very whole-hearted person 🙂 – though I am trying to make sure the Nothing does not involve mindless social media flipping. A friend has recommended a book called A/The Simple Life to me. I told her I wouldn't take much convincing :). But it's hard to fly it in certain circles down here – I get into conversations with people who work for such places as Prime Minister and Cabinet, which sounds like a bog ambition, and feel like I'm on the wrong planet. Is that from a particular BB book?
    – Haven't read DoaGW for years, but I like your connection to gardening as nurturing. That's nice. I read a good article recently too about gardening as therapy. I should blog that.
    – I love that SG video. Definitely! And then there's ways to spend time like I spent the best part of an hour the other weekend hitting large plastic balls back to my nephew with a hockey stick, but I didn't feel like I was being "inefficient", even if I couldn't quite maintain his level of enthusiasm for it …

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