How Great Thou Art – for gypsy hipsters

I really should write a thing, but for today here is a song. How Great Thou Art has always been a favourite, and I was humming away the other day so went looking for a good youtube. I started this one and thought, nope, that is not my sort of manly voice, but I let it run to the chorus and it got better. I love what the cello and double bass are doing (and the Gilbert-Blythe-esque cello player). The video is a little contrived, in a let’s-dress-up-like-peasant-hipsters-and-frolic-in-the-woods sort of way, but I kinda like it all the same (the irony is that they’ve left the ‘When through the woods and forest glades I wander’ verse out). If I get run over by a bus, you all have to sing this at my funeral – just so you know.

(I actually grew up singing the ‘O Mighty God’ version, which is quite different. It’s another one of those hymns with many puzzling variations.)


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