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On the weekend I was swanning up Lonsdale Street in Braddon with some visiting family, and I’d already been fossicking around in a ‘Designer Op Shop’ and been on my way, but on walking back up the street past the shop I noticed the basket out the front on the footpath containing sale framed art. I flicked through and spied the painting below and quite liked it. It was the only one without a sticker so I took it in, asked what they wanted for it, that being $24, and took it home. I like impressionism in oils and I like an alpine scene. But mostly I bought it because of the dusty blues in the shadows and sky as those are the colours in my bedroom (which are not altogether in decor fashion at the moment). The evidence is in the cushion.

When I got home, as I tend to do, I googled the artist and discovered that Peg Minty was a local artist who received an Order of Australia Medal for her contribution to the art world, and there is a street in the suburb of Weston named after her (you can read about her if you search her name here). So I am quite chuffed with it. I now have three op-shop paintings in my room by local female artists, all featuring dusty blues. It’s become a thing.

The painting needs some cleaning and I will also clean and paint the frame, but I’m an old hand at painting op shop frames now (yay for another chalk painting project!).

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