Catching up

I have returned from almost two weeks in Queensland. I spent the day with my Mum and my younger sister and her family and then we had Christmas dinner with my Mum’s extended family, which was very pleasant (I repented of my bad attitude in that last post). I sat down next to a cousin who has just not showed up at family gatherings for the last few years, so I was a little surprised and very glad to see them there. And another cousin who has had a few troubled and non-participatory years was there also being just lovely, and I had a few conversations with them. (A lot of my cousins are a good bit younger than I am, so I am talking about people in their early twenties here.) My dear old Nanna is struggling with her hearing recently and also her memory and at one point in the night I said to her “so are you looking forward to moving” (they are soon to move into my Aunt’s home, from their own house in another town on a large block of land, about which the family is overjoyed) and she paused and I thought, oh dear, that was a bad question to ask (it’s taken them a long time to be ready for this move), and then she pats my leg and says ‘well it’s better than a bad marriage, and there are plenty of those around’. I then paused and I still have no idea what she thinks I might have said, so I let that one go. I caught up with a couple of old friends and there were a lot of questions, but people only ask because they care, so I should be thankful for that, and it was great to see them.

It was a nice time up there, though the last few days were insufferably hot and humid. On New Year’s Eve I walked with a bunch of folks up one of the bush tracks up Mt Coot-tha to watch the 8.30 pm fireworks, then we walked down again. Boy that was hot and sticky on the way up but on the way down it was pleasant. It’s a fun thing to do that doesn’t require waiting half the night in cocktail attire, which suits me nicely.

I like to have a bit of reflection time around New Years, with some time alone for it, which is harder when you are away in someone else’s house, but I have formed a few resolutions, or maybe they are intentions. One is just a simple thing, which is that I shall eat my breakfast and dinner at the dining room table, instead of wherever takes my fancy in the living room (usually on the floor in front of the heater all winter!), and keep my bible there so I can read a chapter or two. I consistently read devotional material on the bus to work last year, but I would like to get through more of the bible as well this year. I’ve also got the usual exercise goals (since moving to Canberra and tearing my calf muscle and then having surgery I have added some padding I want to lose) and goals of better time management, particularly around social media. Then I want to spend less, but also get out more, which are probably not compatible …

I was originally going back to work today, but then I decided to have the rest of this week off and I have a long list of house jobs to do. Today I went for the first jog in more than two weeks, then just did post-holiday washing, poked in my garden, which barely survived my time away, went and bought more chalk paint for furniture, then dropped in to the tip shop and found the perfect old cupboard in a size I have been looking for since I moved in (only I’m now going to have to paint that too), packed up Christmas decorations, pulled one crate of clothes I haven’t worn out from under the bed, and put one coat of paint on some shelves I also found at the Green Shed before Christmas (so many things to paint! – I’ll do a reveal when I finish them all).

I’m hoping to blog a few more things of substance this year, but I won’t make any promises. I’ve decided the key to continued blogging is actually to take the pressure off yourself to do it.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year and some time to rest.

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