My new library

I put this picture up on Instagram and shared it to Facebook the other day, and I have been surprised particularly by the Facebook response. It seems there are a lot of people who’d like a library.

The curious thing is the shelves you can mainly see in the picture have always been there. The shelves on the closest wall are what’s changed, but it was very difficult to get it all in the photo given the size of the room.

Those new shelves were a small ordeal. It involved two trips to IKEA, because parts were out of stock (after waiting for about six months to get them I thought they were completely out of stock and not coming back for a few days there, which was mildly devastating, but thankfully only some components were temporarily out of stock), and my brother-in-law having to come out to IKEA to collect them because they wouldn’t fit in my car. Then you are supposed to have two people and a spirit level to hold them upright and screw in the cross braces, so trying to do that myself while the shelves swayed first to one side and then the other was a challenge. Then I had to go to Bunnings to find something to stop the whole thing leaning forward. Then I put them one side of the railing for the blind and had started loading up the shelves, only to discover that because the door is on a diagonal into that room I couldn’t shut the door (and I don’t really need to shut the door, but I figured that if ever I had guests in there they might want to). So I took all the things off, shuffled the shelves along behind the blind railing, and I can now get the door shut with literally about 2mm to spare. You have to turn the knob to tuck the latch in to get it past. But finally they were in. And I am happy.

This room was previously the junk room, loosely called ‘the study’. I had a big old desk in there but it had just become a horizontal surface to dump stuff on and was never used as a desk, so I got sick of it and the pile of papers and paraphenalia on top of and underneath it.

Here is a photo of the room in it’s previous existence on a bad day. I gave up.

But without further ado, here is the best picture I can get of the new shelving. I still have to sort through some of that junk, and organise the books, but at least now I can see what’s there. And it’s (almost) neat. And, most importantly, there is room for more books!



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