After the National Folk Festival

I haven’t posted a music post here in a while. I kinda fell off the wagon of finding any new music quite a while ago. But over the weekend I had a lovely friend come down with the Sydney English Country Dancers to perform at the National Folk Festival, which is on every Easter here in Canberra. This friend very generously shouted me a ticket for a day in thanks for the hospitality. I confess I was a little ambivalent about going for some reason initially (thought I’d be wandering around all day in a crowd of people doing something like busking), but once there I really enjoyed it and discovered it was a matter of stage shows set up all over the place, with acts that were better than my memories of Tamworth Country Music Festivals growing up.

I put a few videos on Instagram, which is one way to be able to post them in blogger. The last act we saw were Flats and Sharps, from the UK, who were very entertaining. I guess you could say they were of the ilk of Mumford and Sons, but the lead singer’s voice was unusual for a folk band and “see her roses, they climb against the wall – you can’t see the cracks because he beauty conquers all” is a nice little piece of poetry … And I can’t understand the rest. This is a little video from them.

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In the afternoon we wandered into a tent on the end of Danish Duo, Fromseier Hockings, who were much more enjoyable than the following act we’d gone in to see (it’s all potluck when you’ve never actually heard of anyone on the program). They paused their fiddling and sang this old Danish hymn, which was lovely.

Before Flats and Sharps we actually caught some of a New Zealand singer called Mel Parsons. I liked her style. I didn’t take any video but she sang this song, and having listened to the rest of the songs from the album Drylands on youtube I think I am going to by it for some nice easy-listening music (like this one too). She’s like a folksy version of Sarah McLachlan. (I also quite liked someone else I heard called Katey Brooks.)

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