Footprints of a mighty God

I went far away and off the grid again on Saturday. I had actually been thinking that ‘I really need a Saturday’ to just be and get organised on the home front. Then the invitation came through mid-week for another bushwalk, and I thought, ‘what the heck, I’m going’. If there’s people going on a hike and inviting me along, I’m in. For too long it has been hard to find bushwalking companions, and while it might seem a large effort to clear the space and get out into the wilds, it really is sooo relaxing and restorative when you get there, and I never fail to come back feeling so glad I went. So I am seizing the day – or make that receiving the day, for the gift that it is, as nothing is ours to “seize”.

(The post title is a reference to an old Third Day song called These Thousands Hills.)

This time we went south into Namadgi National Park and pulled up for lunch in this stunning spot. Here I am at lunch, in my very unflattering hike pants with my weightless hair blowing all over the place.

And this one is just to show you the rock we were on (my phone actually went completely black on the way out, and I thought it was dead but strangely it charged back up fine when I returned, so I only had my camera without a wider-angle lens and couldn’t get the whole vista in).

It was a relatively short walk out to that rock, so then we went on and did another 6km up the Orroral Valley. ‘Twas so peaceful and soothing just meandering along in the sunshine in the warm valley, sheltered from the snow-originating wind.

And my old friends, the eastern grey kangaroos (I did my Honours thesis on these) were out in abundance.

We are having a very dry winter here this year and really need some rain and greenness, but it was beautiful all the same.

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