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On heart failure

Ann Voskamp has done it for me again. I really like this post and might have sniffled my way through. Here’s a taste:

She writes it on my chart:

Tipped into failure.

It’s right there in ink.


You’ve got to be kidding me — I haven’t just tipped into heart failure just right now. If you want to know the truth of it: I’ve been falling in failure for years — failing sons and failing daughters and failing kind strangers and long-suffering family and failing in bruised relationships, and busted expectations and broken hearts.

Sometimes when you kinda feel like you’re falling — it flashes before you, all the ways you’ve fallen.

Forgiveness always means giving something over to death.

This is the way it always has been and always will ever be, just go ahead and ask anyone who has limped down the hard roads:

Without the dying of things — there is no forgiveness of sins.

Without the burying of expectations, grieving what was and what will never be, letting go of self-righteousness of being right, letting go of dreams, letting go of retribution and resentment and rage and laying to rest a million hemorrhaging hurts — there is never the freedom of forgiveness.

Forgiveness always means the very real death and burial of hatchets and hopes and hurts so that healed relationships can resurrect.


    • Hmm, don’t know that I do. But I will have a thing. There’s a book called ‘Unpacking Forgiveness’ by Chris Braun (I think) that from memory deals with that. (I don’t actually agree with his conclusion that we only need to forgive in response to repentance – at least from memory that was the conclusion – but rather we must forgive and there can often only be reconciliation where there is repentance.) But it’s a useful book all the same.

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