Our want affirms abundance

Here’s another Wendell Berry poem. It echoes the idea from CS Lewis, that it’s in our desires that we know there must exist something that can fill them (even if it’s not in this world). At times I feel such a yearning for life to be so much more than it is, so I remind myself that the yearning exists because it was meant to be and one day it will be.

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In ignorance of the source, our want
affirms abundance in these days.
Truth keeps us though we do not know it.
O Spirit, our desolation is your praise.

~ Wendell Berry

I took the photo above from the grounds of my ‘local’ cafe yesterday. I like to go there and sit at one of the outside tables and read for a while when I can on weekends. They also have nice fireplaces and artworks inside for when outside is a little less friendly. (Sadly, future development is perhaps going to ruin much of it, so I am making the most of it.)

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