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So, Synod (big work event) and Canberra Women’s Christian Convention (another big event I volunteer on the committee for) are over and I now have no excuses for not blogging.

I have felt strangely like I was not altogether “coping” well for a good part of this year, or just not really on top of life and what needed to be done, and yet I have probably been less productive than usual in many ways, outside of work, so I couldn’t even tell you what I was not coping about. I didn’t take a holiday all year, except to go for Melbourne for a week in May largely for family reasons, and I think I need to realise and acknowledge the importance of this introvert having enough time and space to internally manage my life.

Also, I recently bought The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. I ordered this book on a weekend when I was frustrated with my own mess, and then I read some of the reviews on Goodreads and just about cried laughing (the one by a lady called Diane Yannick – so funny). The author is clearly way off the bell curve, way way off the bell curve, but I am quite inspired only a few pages in. I think getting to weekends and feeling like I have mess everywhere and jobs to do all Saturday doesn’t help with that managing life well feeling. I invited some folks over on Saturday night and because the last few weekends were busy I spent a good while tidying and cleaning (it’s amazing how efficient you can be at this when people are coming over!), but on Sunday my house felt so relaxing in its tidy and clean state. It was a little bit magic. It is definitely something to aim for as a constant.

Back to old themes, here is a post I like called the Hidden Grief of Singleness. Though I am not really sure what the author is proposing towards the end. She writes “the more I talk to my unmarried friends, the more I hear it is not the lack of a partner that pains or has pained us all most, it is the lack of motherhood … There is a very real ache for children that cannot be replaced by mentoring, discipleship, practicing hospitality.” This is true. No amount of teaching kid’s church, reading the bible with other women or spending time with my nieces and nephews really dulls that ache. But then she writes that the problem is that our definition of nurturing is too narrow and that we’re all family in the church. But what is nurturing in the church supposed to be, if not that “mentoring, discipleship, practicing hospitality”? (I could write a whole lot more about that, but it’s probably best done when I have given it prolonged thought and biblical attention.) But I like the post, and that it acknowledges this grief for single people.

And here is my latest song obsession. It’s actually from an Advent album. I am in the camp opposed to early Christmas decorating, but Christmas music perhaps not, and this song is not overly Christmassy. We are just finishing studying Revelation in my bible study group, which I think adds to my appreciation of it. You could say that the lyrics are simple, maybe a bit cliched, not overly cohesive, but they work for me and those strings though! I don’t want the ending to end (it’s so good in the car!). I don’t know who this Young Oceans band is, and a lot of their other music is a bit breathy and synthy for me, a kind of trance music for Christians, but this I like. I’ll paste in the lyrics below because I couldn’t make out a couple of them.

When these days of shadow pass
And suffering is no more
A fire in the dark will glow
And Christ our souls restore

Holy child of mystery
Please set ablaze our hearts
With grace unending, love so pure
And pierce the ancient dark

O Light! Heaven shine down on earth
O Joy! Come and break the curse
We praise the name above every name
A light has come and Christ to Thee we run

As the tide of heaven’s wrath
Is washed beneath the sea
A Living Stream shall quench our thirst
For all eternity.

From here.

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