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I don’t often talk about work online, but allow me to indulge in a little show and tell. One of the things I have been doing since I changed roles at work has been working on updating our website (I think I mentioned this possibility about the time I created this new blog site). After one planned development option fell through, our Director of ICT asked me if I would like to learn how to do it myself, which was half the reason for me going through the process of this new blog site. So, a few months later, and I have finished re-doing our work website.

I was waiting for some time for a quote back from another source and not sure that my thing would become the thing, but then when that quote was outrageous my manager looked at what I had been doing and decided we should get it up for our Synod, which was on the weekend just gone. So it got a little more hectic from then on. When I had all the requisite information in, with little time to spare, the migration to the live host failed twice (people say FTP is simple but so far my failure rate with it is 100%) and I bought chocolates for the IT guy who stayed up to the small hours and whose life I plagued. We eventually got it up, then I had to fix broken things, and it was all a bit stressy when last week I was redoing widget and plugin features that didn’t come across, testings links (because the media library became invisible in the migration and linked documents were literally just coming out of the ether) … but we made it! I do feel rather chuffed that I built it all by myself (with a lot of assistance from google) having never done such a thing before. I looked at the website of every Diocese in Australia and snitched the ideas that I thought worked well, so the design is not all original, but everyone assures me that is exactly what any proper web developer would do. It looks quite simple, but after the boxy chaos of our last website, that was the aim.

I have been taking my good camera along on bushwalks partly because most of those have been within the geographic area of our Diocese and I wanted some photos to use, so there are scenes from my bushwalks on the site. It’s my legacy. I’ve also made all the graphics, and there is definitely room for improvement there but I have been enjoying learning those skills and in time will update them. The interest may be minimal, but you can see the site here.

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  • I am not across the IT lingo you used, (I grew up with BASIC, Amstrads, Ataris and BBC Micros) but the website looks really good. You should be proud.

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