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All existence is a long advent

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I’ve written of life as a ‘long defeat’ in the past but maybe a ‘long advent’ is the other side. Here are a few links from the web. A great post on why Christmas is precisely for those who hate it most: In the irony of all ironies, Christmas is for those who will find

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Those are the right instructions

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I recently re-read this quote from Hannah Coulter, by Wendell Berry, about the chance you have had in life. I’ll paste in the last paragraph so you, dear readers, don’t have to click. And so Nathan required me to think a thought that has stayed with me a long time and has traveled a long

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The nephew’s birthday


It was my nephew’s birthday on Friday. I went around for dinner of his choice – dominoes pizza and star wars cake! I love that boy. Every time I arrive I hear “it’s Aunty Ali” being yelled and footsteps racing to the door, and it’s him and his younger sister pushing and shoving to give

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A miscellaneous collection

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So, Synod (big work event) and Canberra Women’s Christian Convention (another big event I volunteer on the committee for) are over and I now have no excuses for not blogging. I have felt strangely like I was not altogether “coping” well for a good part of this year, or just not really on top of

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